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2024香港Web3嘉年华演讲嘉宾信息收集表/ Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2024 Speaker Info



职位/Job Title

手机号/Phone Number


个人照片/Profile Photo

将用于活动官网演讲嘉宾介绍,请提供高清照片/Please provide a high-resolution photo for speaker introduction on the event website.


如无个人Twitter账号,可以填写公司Twitter账号/ If you don't have a personal twitter, please fill in your company's twitter.

以下信息选填,将作为宣发的参考材料。The information below is optional and will be used for speaker promotion.

嘉宾简介/Speaker Bio

200个中文字或英文单词以内/within 200 Chinese characters or English words

对Web3行业的展望/ Your predictions on the development of the Web3 industry


*该表可以用中文或英文填写/You can fill in the form in either Chinese or English *如有疑问,请发送邮件至:[email protected] / If you have any questions, please send emails to [email protected]